Punaschetana charitable trust was envisioned and founded by Baleyada Divya Mandappa. She is not only a kind and compassionate individual but is also trained in handling children with disabilities. She has several certifications from various organizations making her somewhat of an expert in handling children with various mental and physical disabilities. What impressed me was her intention with which she started Punaschetana, making payroll to the teachers from her own private funds while working 3 jobs.

We have great plans for Punaschetana in the coming years but as of today the institution provides daycare facilities for about 9 children. This is a great help to the children’s parents as they can go about their lives while we take care of their children during the day. The attendance pattern by the children depends on how they feel physically and mentally that day. The children are given some sort of routine when they come to us. They offer prayers, chant the national song and the national anthem etc. the children are provided with toys and tools to keep themselves busy. While a mountain of aspects can be done towards the betterment of the children, we are doing what we can within the resources available to us. We also keep the children busy with making commercially needed products like paper bags for fruit vendors and items like bathroom cleaning products the proceeds of which are returned back to the children.

I (Boppanda Ganapathy) saw Divya’s work and decided to get involved about 3 years back. I took on the role of volunteering to raise money for Punaschetana. So far it has been a satisfying experience. I have made myself personally responsible for all money raised by me and I am answerable to all donors.

Providing the children with nutritious food and a potential building to house our children are the projects we are working on. We will embark on new initiatives solely aimed at improving the lives of our children. However we will do that in a nurturing and sustainable way.

What do we do with the donations made?

We never spend the money donated to us. Instead, all donations are pooled together and invested in various financial instruments. Only the growth from these investments are used towards the expenses such as salary and rent.

What if the donors aren’t satisfied with their donations?

Another highlight of our fundraising effort is that in the future if the donors want their money back, we have made provisions to return their money. No questions asked. This aspect has been liked by our donors. We are seeing repeat donations from our donors because of this.

Our Team

Baleyada Divya Mandappa

Founder, Trustee

Boppanda Ganapathy

Managing Trustee